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Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton Opens Mouth, Proceeds To Say Dumb Racist Shit

Credit: Michael Vadon Flickr
Michael Vadon, Flickr

Tom Cotton is furious with the New York Times, and the rage has set him off to the point that he has said some cleary racist nonsense. Just last Thursday, the Arkansas Senator introduced legislation to cut federal spending to schools that teach "historical reinterpretation" in classrooms. The bill was introduced amidst the New York Times push for their '1619 Project', a project by the times to teach history with a focus on slavery as the narrative and envisioning the arrival of slaves to the Americas in 1619 as the true beginning point of America's history.

Regardless of opinion on the aims of the project, what followed next was some pretty bizarre commentary from Senator Cotton. Speaking on slavery the Senator described it as a "necessary evil upon which the union was built". To be completely transparent he did go on to say the union was constructed in a way in which it would ultimately lead to slavery's demise. That being said, what the actual fuck? Is this guy trying to argue we really couldn't have built up our nation successfully if we'd have tried it any other way? What a load of shit...

So bill aside, New York Times aside, the whole '1619 Project' aside - this was a really stupid thing to come from the United States Senator. When directly read the quote on 'Fox and Friends' Monday Senator Cotton deemed it "fake news". "That is not what I said" claimed the Arkansas Republican.

Excuses aside, a direct quote is a direct quote. While the Senator went on to denounce slavery during the program it's clear he has some pretty questionable views on the building of this country. How America should teach it's history in public schools is up for debate. How America should view its history with slavery is not. Never, regardless of the historical era, is it necessary nor justifiable to enslave another human being. Shame on Senator Tom Cotton.

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