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Baseballs Back, Betting Still Benched

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Finally, sports is back in the United States of America. Baseball has begun and the NBA bubble in Orlando is holding scrimmages. For sports fans, things are looking better. But for many outside New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania and a few other states - access to legal sports gambling is still extremely limited. Many aren;t lucky enough to be within driving distance of a legal sports-betting state. Some turn to bookies, others turn to offshore websites but there is no denying legal sports gambling could help legitimize what is for most of the country a still very ‘black market’ industry.

In New Jersey alone last year a record 4.5 billion dollars was spent betting on sports. That's just one state, imagine the revenues we may see if sports betting was legalized nationwide. That's 4.5 billion dollars of once ‘black market’ money being spent on shady offshore websites now being subjected to state regulation. The problems of using bitcoin, payment processing and manipulative ‘bonuses’ are just a few of the many problems that plague online betting platforms based outside the United States. It simply is not fair that so many Americans are barred from using popular legitimate betting platforms such as ‘Draft Kings’ while others can bet freely.

We’re in the midst of the worst health crisis of our generation. The economy has taken a rough hit. Many are out of work. What do we have to lose? At this point they may as well legalize crack (not really, but you get the drift). Come on Trump, come on Newsom! Throw us a bone! Us sports fans can’t even go watch a game at the ballpark, at least give us access to a little more thrill. To even think about ‘Making America Great Again’, we need to think of the real Americans, the sports fans, and legalize sports betting. It is the first logical step to bringing this country back to its former glory.

So let’s enjoy our hot dogs and Cracker Jack from home. Let us continue to envy our fellow Americans residing in New Jersey and Nevada who have the true freedoms our founding fathers envisioned in the constitution. Let us wish each other luck in receiving our winnings from the shady offshore sites so many of us are forced to give business to. But above all, let's watch some damn baseball!

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