• Kelly Moringo

Bobby Shmurda Parole Hearing Tuesday; Rumors of His Release Flood Internet

Shmurda She Wrote rapper Bobby Shmurda. who has been incarcerated on weapons charges since 2014, will have a parole hearing Tuesday. Twitter was aroar as users speculated about the rapper's potential early release. "Mid season finale for this year." said one user.

TMZ first reported Bobby's upcoming hearing last month, with Shmurda's mother telling the outlet the rapper is feeling good about a potential early release. News of the rapper's parole hearing spread like wildfire Monday evening, with 'Bobby Shmurda' trending at number seven on twitter.

The excitement around the rapper's potential release suggests Shmurda will remain hot in the music industry following the end of his sentence. The talking point that Shmurda will be released tomorrow (August 4th) however is unlikely, as a successful parole hearing would most likely see Shmurda being released in mid-December.

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