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Democrats: Be Thankful Biden is Nominee

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They say history repeats itself and judging by our presidential candidates- maybe they’re right. For the second election in a row, the Democratic establishment has once again force-fed voters a mediocre candidate, only this time they can barely form a sentence. The only difference between this election aside from IQ is this time they gave us the illusion of choice, having dozens of candidates run only to push up status-quo Joe Biden to the top of the ticket.

But for all the hate and dismay some on the left are expressing in regards to Joe Biden, make no mistake - Biden is the Democrats best bet. Given the primary season had seen so much momentum building in the progressive wing of the party, many feel Biden’s nomination suppresses a revolution Bernie-bros believed was just around the corner. But in a time of civil unrest in many of America’s large cities, a candidate like Bernie Sanders would have been electorally destroyed come election day.

Being that Biden is such a weak candidate, his lead in the polls is telling. As the Trump Administration has continually fumbled their response to the coronavirus pandemic, his electoral chances have grown slimmer and slimmer. Knowing he can’t win on the virus, Trump’s campaign messaging has focused on law and order in American cities, a war on cancel culture and painting Biden as a pawn of the ‘radical left’. The strategy thus far has failed miserably for the Trump campaign.

Had Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren been the nominee, a strategy like the Trump campaign’s may have proven successful. Trump can’t paint Biden as a radical or extremist simply because Biden isn’t one. That isn’t to say Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren are a danger or threat to the country, it is to say it would have been much easier for the Trump campaign to paint them as such.

Biden has come out on the record to voice his opposition to defunding the police, concerns regarding medicare for all, and condemning of violence at ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests. To this - the Trump campaign’s strategy has been to deem Biden a puppet of AOC, Bernie Sanders and the ‘far-left’. As we mentioned, it has not been able to turn around Trump’s disadvantage in the polls. Instead, it has only resulted in dropping poll numbers, a managerial campaign shakeup, and an irritated Trump.

Do not give in to those expressing dismay over Biden’s nomination. Refuse the notion Sanders would have beaten Trump. Given the circumstances, this is probably the best-case scenario. I can name a dozen other candidates I’d have rather had than Biden, but I’m not sure they’d be able to bring in the same voters Biden can.

So like many, I’m not the biggest Biden fan. Had you given me the choice between Biden and Bernie in January, I’d have chosen Bernie. But given the delicate situation we as Americans now find ourselves in, it is hard to envision a Bernie Sanders victory in a general election matchup against President Trump. Amidst the protests and division, I’m glad our party has a candidate in which it is so difficult for the conservatives to tear apart (on policy at least).

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