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Everyone Should Be Worried: Trump Wants a Third Term, Warns Upcoming Election Could Be 'Rigged'

Trump speaks to crowd in Minnesota before heading to Wisconsin event on Monday

President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters Monday (8/17) in Wisconsin - claiming the "the only way we're gonna lose this election is if the election is rigged, remember that." In the same speech, Trump even hinted at seeking a third term in office saying after an assumed 2020 win "we'll go for another four years because, you know what, they spied on my campaign we should get a redo of four years." Incredibly, both statements by the President were warmly received by the crowd. Click here to watch a portion of the speech.

It really makes you wonder - what is the tipping point for many Trump supporters? Where are the Republicans of ten years ago? Who would have ever expected a sitting President to flat out state if they lose, the integrity of the election was compromised? Who would have ever expected the President to blatantly disregard the 22nd amendment (term limits) and receive cheers from their supporters? How are these dangerous, irresponsible statements from the leader of the free world not being bashed from the left, right, and center simultaneously?!

We've seen these kinds of insinuations from the President before, he has posted a video to his Twitter account several times in which Trump campaign yard signs promote campaigns well past 2020. Most supporters have thus far written these tweets off as 'trolling' the left, but how long can that narrative continue as the President openly (and seriously) suggests a third term?

The claims the election would be rigged against him are arguably more concerning given the close proximity to the election. Trump suggesting the election would be rigged against him in 2016 was one thing, while whacky and dangerous - he wasn't in the White House yet. With Trump now residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, its an even more daunting suggestion as many grow concerned over what he will do if he is to lose the election. Will he leave voluntarily leave? If he refuses, will his supporters and fellow Republican lawmakers pressure him to do so? If neither of those things happens - what does? Do we really want to envision a Presidential inauguration in which Trump has to be forcibly removed from the White House premises? I certainly don't.

Even with all the nonsense to come out of the President's mouth the past few years, I wouldn't have in my wildest dreams ever imagined seriously contemplating these questions to myself, yet here we are. As the election looms ever closer and closer and Biden's polling numbers continue to grow, Trump appears to grow more and more desperate. I'd love to say I have the same faith in our institutions as I did four years ago, but the people who run said institutions have time and time again proved themselves complicit in Trump's undermining of America's democratic process, not by their actions but by their overwhelming silence.

The statements by the President are simply not receiving the level of outrage they deserve. Not from the right, not even from the left. Put all the things Trump has done in his first term aside, whether you agree with them or not, and ask yourself when you go to the ballot box if this is the kind of rhetoric you want to endorse? Because that is exactly what your vote is, an endorsement. Do you want to live in an America in which your leader is suggesting there is no plausible route to an electoral defeat outside of the election being 'rigged'? Do you want to live in an America in which your leader time and time again openly hints at disregarding the 22nd amendment and running past a second term? Do you want to normalize this?

I won't even get into the other despicable tactics Trump is using to try and 'win' this election. From his son-in-law holding meetings with Kanye West (who has acknowledged his campaign can not win) to his controversial appointee to head the United States Postal Service. While there are a plethora of reasons to be concerned with the Trump presidency, Monday's Wisconsin speech should be more than enough for any voter to want Trump gone. Its time for everyone in America to be honest with each other and acknowledge the dangers this man poses to our democracy.

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