• Jacob Borsting

Herman Cain Remains Hospitalized One Month After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Former 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Herman is still receiving medical treatment for a COVID-19 infection he was diagnosed with one month ago. According to Cain’s staff - the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, is still on oxygen as of July 27th however doctors say his other organs are in strong shape.

Cain was an attendee of President Trump’s June 20th rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just a week following the large event, Cain was diagnosed with the coronavirus. It is reported that Cain declined to wear a mask while in attendance of the rally. While it is not confirmed that Herman Cain contracted the virus while attending the rally, the timeline of events would suggest there is a strong possibility the two are connected.

It has now been 25 days since Cain’s hospitalization on July 2nd and still being reliant on oxygen is an unfortunate sign this many weeks into treatment. Hopefully, the 74 year old tea-party advocate can overcome the illness in the coming weeks. After all, he’s beaten cancer before - we know Herman Cain is one hell of a fighter! Our best wishes to Herman Cain and the Cain family as they continue this fight against the coronavirus.

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