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President Trump Golfs With NFL Star Brett Favre as Coronavirus Spikes

As cases of coronavirus continue to surge, the United States is approaching 4.3 million total cases. While many states such as California and Alabama hit new highs in regards to COVID cases this week, the president and leader of the free world Donald J. Trump was hitting the golf course. Not one to be unaccompanied, the President's pal NFL quarterback Brett Farve joined him in Bedminster, New Jersey for a round at the President's course.

Sure Americans across the country were dropping like flies, dying of an infectious disease outbreak that has outpaced the response of the United States government at every turn. But President Trump, the strong man he is, didn't let that stop him from hitting some drives and putting some greens. "Brett LOVES Wisconsin, Mississippi and Minnesota.", Trump tweeted. "A good golfer - hits it LONG!"

The states Trump mentions in his tweet, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Minnesota, all had some of their worst weeks in respect to the virus. Mississippi reported over 1,400 new cases the day of the President's golf outing. Wisconsin, nearly a thousand. Minnesota's surge of coronavirus is so bad the governor has now introduced a mask mandate, which is being protested publicly by many.

I get it, golfing is a great time. For full transparency, I'm writing this before I head off for my 5 o'clock tee time. That being said, I'm not the leader of the free world. I'm a guy who's been laid off because of the pandemic, living at my parent's house, hitting the course because I got nothing else going for me right now. Noone has much going for them right now. Honestly, it feels like life has been on hold since March. I don't hate Trump for hitting the golf course. But I despise him for his lack of response to this crisis. I condemn him for his failures to lead the country when it needs him most. The silence says everything.

Hopefully, Brett Farve and Donald Trump have more free time to spend with one another after November. Until then, we'll just have to keep marching along hoping that someday soon this nightmare of a year will be over and our country will have leaders that care once again.

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