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The Marlins Ruin Professional Baseball

If there's any safe bet in the United States, it's to leave it to Florida to fuck things up. Only three games into their new season, the Miami Marlins as of Monday have had an outbreak of fourteen coronavirus cases amongst players, coaches and staff. While today's Marlins game has been postponed, so too has the Yankees vs. Phillies game in Philidelphia as the Marlins had just played in the stadium yesterday. All of this begs the question, where will the MLB go from here?

The young season already looks to be in serious jeopardy. Taking a different approach than the NBA, the MLB opted not to undergo a 'bubble' style operation. Instead, the MLB decided to localize play by realigning leagues to minimize travel. Three games in, it is safe to assume that was not the right call.

It would be extremely disheartening to the millions of baseball fans across the country if the season was to end. Unfortunately, ending or postponing the season may be on the table after this latest outbreak. Maybe the MLB can figure this one out, learn from their mistakes early, and make major immediate adjustments to ensure player safety and the continuation of professional baseball. There are millions of dollars on the line here. That's millions of reasons for both owners and players to make some concessions and figure this thing out.

Or maybe they won't figure it out. Maybe we are seeing the beginning of the end of what would have been an already shortened baseball season. It is unclear what will happen next, but hopefully, it will be some measures to help save the now fragile 2020 MLB season. For now, we just have to enjoy the games still scheduled and hope for the best.

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