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Trump Calls For Early Presidential Debate With Joe Biden

As the Trump Administration continues to publicly criticize mail-in voting, the President has come up with a new solution - rescheduling the debate. Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning to suggest the debate be moved up, noting some voters can mail-in ballots up to a month prior to the first debate.

"How can voters be sending in Ballots starting, in some cases, one month before the First Presidential Debate", tweeted the President. "Move the first debate up."

The suggestion from the President comes just a little over a week after he suggested postponing general election over mail-in voting fraud allegations. It is worth noting, there is no concrete evidence mail-in voting is subject to the fraud and delays the President alleges. That being said, mail-in voting on this scale has never been done in the past - we can't ensure it's a success.

Currently, the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is scheduled for September 29th in Cleveland. It appears that date will remain intact as the Commission on Presidential Debates denied the President's request Thursday. "There is a difference between ballots having been issued by a state and those ballots having been cast by voters, who are under no compulsion to return their ballots before the debates" read the statement from the CPD. They also noted only a fraction of a percent of mail-in ballots issued to voters in 2016 had been cast prior to the first debate.

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