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Trump Rescinds Obama-Era Fair Housing Initiative

President Trump tweeted Wednesday that he would be rescinding the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule. The AFFH rule had delegated federal funds to address housing biases throughout the country as well as build low-income housing and was implemented under the Obama Administration.

Trump's tweet stated all living the 'Suburban Lifestyle Dream" no longer would find themselves being "bothered or financially hurt" by the development of low-income housing in their communities. He then went on to tote supposed increases in property value as well as the drop-in crime that he claims will occur due to the actions.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson released a statement claiming the rule had been found to be "a waste of time for localities to comply with", adding that the funds were being driven opposite of communities that needed them most.

Regardless of the department's official reasoning, many have taken issue with the President's controversial tweet. It suggests those relying on low-income housing developments, often people of color, bring crime to neighborhoods and lower property values. With racial tensions across the country higher than any time in recent memory, President Trump's online rhetoric is problematic at best, flat out racist at worst.

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