• Mark Rasmuth

Trump Spoke to Putin, Didn't Discuss Bounties on U.S. Troops

In an interview with Axios Wednesday, President Trump said he never discussed reported bounties on US troops by Russia with Putin a phone call last week. The U.S. intelligence referred to in the interview claimed Russia offered bounties to Taliban fighters for the death of United States military personnel.

"That's an issue that many people said was fake news," Trump said in regards to the intelligence. While there are reports the intelligence was in the President's daily briefing, the White House has stated the intelligence had not been substantiated and therefore was omitted from said briefing.

Trump instead said the call was to discuss nuclear proliferation as well as other topics but claimed he would have no problem talking about the supposed bounties. When directly asked if he believed his own intelligence, he deflected claiming some former Bush administration officials were skeptical of the report as well. Trump did not name those officials by name nor directly answer the question.

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