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Will Major League Baseball Continue?

Rob Manfred, the commissioner of Major league Baseball, confirmed what many baseball fans were fearful of Friday, the season is in danger. Manfred reportedly informed the Major League Baseball Players Association that if teams fail to contain coronavirus outbreaks the season may be shut down.

So far the coronavirus has managed to infect players and staff between three teams, the Marlins, Phillies, and Cardinals. On the surface, three-team outbreaks seem manageable but with the implications, each team has on other team's schedules - it is beyond worrisome. Three games were canceled for Friday, with it still unclear how teams will determine when to return to the field.

The 2020 baseball season, already shortened by more than two thirds, may end up being only a handful of games. From the looks of it, it will be nearly impossible to save baseball at this point unless the league was to reconvene in a bubble-like setting like the NBA. Hopefully, things will change. Otherwise looks like we'll just be watching basketball.

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